a spiritual self-care practice

We have forgotten how sacred life is and what a gift it is to be alive.

Constantly running, chasing, pushing ourselves to get things done, to succeed and achieve. Now more than ever we are finding ourselves feeling stressed, exhausted, stuck, anxious and disconnected. Surrounded by a sense of lostness, confusion and lack of purpose, we feel the urgency to do something about it, to fix it. We feel alone with this inner struggle and we stay busy to escape this nudge from within that something needs changing. We believe the next job, a better relationship, a bigger house/apartment or a new city will make it all ok. But it never lasts.

In this fast-paced world, what we need more than ever is to slow down and reconnect to our own hearts. We need healing. We need compassion. We need love. We need tenderness. We need to feel safe. And we need the tools to be able to soothe and regulate ourselves quickly when life seems so overwhelming. We need to remember how to BE and not just DO.

Marta Hobbs: SoulCare