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    Creating a new definition of leadership that focuses on wellness and authenticity

    Marta Hobbs: Soul-Led Entrepreneur & Mentor

My vision is to create a new definition of leadership, success and power in business which focuses on wholeness, wellness and the authenticity of the individual. I call this Soul Leadership.

My mission is to provide companionship, mentorship and a new framework for business leaders, which integrates mind, body and soul; to facilitate a transformation of companies into purpose-driven, heart-centered organizations.

I am honored to work with amazing people and incredible organizations in the following ways:

Individual Work

I provide companionship, mentorship and a safe space for men and women in leadership which focuses on putting freedom, wellness and authenticity first. The focus is wholeness, holistic health, mind/body/spirit alignment and balance in all areas of life, but my biggest gift to you is our connection – I am your confidante, support and sacred holding to come with all of life’s complexities. While many may see their breaking point as a crisis, I see it as an opportunity.

With my own personal experience and years in both the corporate world and the wellness industry, I guide you through a combination of breathwork, meditation, nervous system regulation, coaching techniques, embodiment practices and spiritual direction. My three pillar approach takes into account loneliness in leadership, self-abandonment and (feminine and masculine) energetics.

Should your soul be whispering (or calling you loudly) to explore further, I would love to hear from you.

Corporate Work

I offer consulting for leadership teams to transform company culture to be more inclusive, self-aware, collaborative and empathetic. This process is tailored to each company and individualized based on the specific needs of the organization.

Beginning with an assessment of the current company culture and the wellbeing of its employees, we discuss the areas of strength as well as opportunities with your leadership team. What is the vision? What is the purpose? What is the WHY behind what you do? Does it flow from the top down and is it embodied and reflected in all that you do? How do you define productivity and are you encouraging your team members to engage in regular self-care practices? Do you talk about leadership development, self-leadership, accountability, mindset, boosting morale and creating connection? I invite you to think about creating not just a company but a community.

Programs include weekend retreats, full or half day workshops, speaking engagements at your events and individual SoulCare sessions.

Marta Hobbs: Soul-Led Entrepreneur & Mentor

Welcome to Soul Leadership.

Lead with empathy, inclusion, vulnerability, transparency, courage, healthy boundaries, self-respect, self-love, accountability and unity.