How to connect to your Soul: 7 simple ways

by Marta Hobbs

Marta Hobbs: How to connect to your Soul: 7 simple waysConnection… It all starts with you. Which means it all starts with connecting to your Soul

How connected you are to yourself directly reflects your ability to connect to others.

Here are my 7 simple ways to help you do this:

  1. Slow Down – in any way, in any place. Catch yourself in a hurry and intentionally move slower through what you’re doing. Notice the shift in energy in your body.
  2. Breathe Deeply – placing the palm of your hand on your heart or your belly, inhale slowly through your nose- then exhale even slower through the mouth. Do this 3 times and make the exhales longer than your inhales. Notice how you feel after.
  3. Get Quiet – close your eyes for a moment, if this feels safe to you, and tune inwards. Observe the breath breathing your body, the thoughts in your head, your heart beating. Just be with yourself internally for a minute. Notice the silence and embrace it. Find peace in it.
  4. Journal – write freely, unedited, uncensored, free-flowing, stream-of-consciousness for at least 10 minutes. Consider it spring cleaning and get all your thoughts out so you can see what gem might be waiting for you hidden under all the clutter. Daily in the mornings is the ideal time.
  5. Be Present – As often as you can remember, become what you’re doing. Put all of your attention on the task at hand. Feel your feet on the ground. Feel your hands on what you’re holding. Feel the breath move through you – and just be present to what is taking place. Stop multi-tasking externally and internally. Set an alarm on your phone a few times a day so that you come out of auto-pilot living and act with focus and intention.
  6. Play – do whatever brings you child-like joy. It can be the smallest of things like skipping to the kitchen or buying yourself flowers on the way home from work. Do that thing that lights you up from inside and let yourself feel it fully. Commit to finding new ways that make you feel this way.
  7. Rest – stop the race. Get off the hamster wheel. Be intentional about time to restore and renew. Take a nap. Read a book. Schedule a massage. Sleep with no alarm clock on the weekends.

Let me know how it’s going! ♥️

Marta Hobbs: Soul-Led Entrepreneur & Mentor