Your external life is a reflection of your internal experience.

by Marta Hobbs

Marta Hobbs: Life is a reflection of your internal journey: an inside-out processTrying to get things just right on the outside will never fix your problems in life permanently. It might make you feel good on the inside for a little while… But the only way to make permanent change is to address the root of the problem – the wound inside your heart. Not the people or things that activate it.

Taking the journey within, and really getting to know yourself is how you finally reach what you’re longing for – true love, freedom, pease, joy, purpose – the kind that last. This is called doing your “inner work” and why it is said that the “answers are all within.” You yourself have the power to completely change your life. It starts with a choice.

For the first half of my life I played by the rules that if I get my life just right – I will be happy. I will feel good inside. And for a while it worked. I chased the good grades, the right career, the ideal partner, the perfect family, the beautiful vacations, a big house, entrepreneurial success, financial gains… all the exterior things.

Until I lined it all up perfectly and instead of “happily ever after” life threw me a curveball – a health crisis. My mind couldn’t make sense of it. It was not how I believed the world functioned – I had worked so extremely hard that when I “made it” I expected the reward of my dedication and effort. Instead everything crumbled.

I could not fix this problem with the same reasoning which got me into the predicament I found myself in. Looking back I now understand this was when my invitation came to take the inner journey. I needed to look at the foundation of what I built my life on – and begin again in a new way. I needed healing – not constant running and distractions. I needed to tend to my broken heart. (Interestingly, the health crisis was a heart-related diagnosis)

We all walk around with broken hearts – unprocessed, unhealed wounds from childhood. We run from the pain and when it is triggered inside of us – we blame everyone else. We fail to see the part we play in our own drama, instead thinking that the next job will change things, the next relationship will be different, the new workout plan or diet will do the trick. And yet we continue to be stuck in the same patterns…

The choice is to continue or decide to do something differently. This can be scary but it is also extremely empowering – taking full responsibility for your life and who you are in it.

Happiness, freedom, love – these are all inside-out jobs. Are you ready to take the first step? I’m here to support you in your journey.

Sending you so much love,

Marta Hobbs: Soul-Led Entrepreneur & Mentor