The soul and the spiritual journey

by Marta Hobbs

Marta Hobbs: The soul and the spiritual journeyThere is an ancient part of you within called your soul.

We get so focused on the externals, the goals, the stuff, the plans and all the forcing and striving it takes to get there… We push ourselves and forget to tune in – to ask how all this actually feels. We ignore the soul and all her wisdom.

Ten years ago I found myself in the place of having “done it.” The company I co-founded, built and led for 12 years was sold. It meant retirement and enjoyment was next – but what came instead was a complete breaking. I simply fell apart. I felt lost, scared, exhausted and alone. While on the outside I looked successful, my soul was letting me know inside that there was something I had forgotten in all my achieving and chasing.

The soul is always communicating. I had ignored her for too long and so a crisis was needed to get my full attention. But if you’re experiencing the gentle knockings, the whispers, the invitations – listen. They may come as anxiety, a feeling of something being off, or questions like “how did I end up here?” or “what am I even doing?” These are gifts.

If you need help navigating this space, know that after a decade of walking this path there is wisdom I can share with you. Living soul-led means I now get to be a lighthouse for others as they find their way back home to their own hearts. I get to be the guide and companion I so needed back then.
I try to honor this in many ways: offering content on my website, publishing a book which details my spiritual awakening, developing SoulCare sessions to teach how to begin a spiritual proactive, as well as offering mentorship for deeper work. It would be an honor and a privilege to come along your side.

Marta Hobbs: Soul-Led Entrepreneur & Mentor